Whether you’re planning a corporate event, an extravagant wedding or an intimate gathering, here are some insider tips to help you in making the planning process stress-free!

1. Non-Floral Centerpieces
This is a secret weapon for enhancing an event environment without breaking
the bank! Non-floral centerpieces are affordable while still allowing for
creativity, color and theme development. They also offer branding
opportunity. Simply add a graphic or logo to the centerpiece and you have an
inexpensive, custom centerpiece display.
2. Be Flexible
If you don’t have strict dates and deadlines, being flexible when it comes to
timing and venue can save you a lot of money. If changing the event
seasonality is not an option, you may be able to cut costs by hosting the event
on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday, which should be less expensive than the
Saturday rate.
3. Trimming The Guest List
The guest list trimming process is different for every host and type of event.
Here are a few tips that may help you downsize without damaging any
o Create rules and stick to them – For example: Immediate family only – No colleagues
• Only invite people you’ve met – which may mean no plus ones if you haven’t met someone’s partner
• No kids
4. Go Green
We love focusing our efforts on green events! There are a few minor things
you can implement for almost any event type that will help minimize the
negative effect on the environment. Consider investing in a brand display or
custom sign piece that can be used at the event, and later will be moved to
the office full time to enhance the space, or can serve as home décor that’s a
fun reminder of your special day.
Rent, or use serveware you have, to cut out the cost and environmental
hazard of disposables. If you’re planning something more casual and prefer
disposable serveware, check in with your caterer, as most can offer biodegradable or bamboo plates and utensils.
Wireless lighting is one of our specialties and can eliminate a lot of headaches
on the day of the event. It eradicates the hazard of cords, (not to mention the
unappealing look!) while decreasing electricity use. Online registration is
another great way to cut costs and go green. Whether you do it onsite, using
an LED video tower, or prior to the event, you’ll save on printing and staff
5. Consider Hiring an Event Planning Company
While many think that an event planning company increases cost, it can
actually decrease them, or at least allow you to work within the same budget
with much less stress. Planners usually get exclusive rates from vendors that
direct customers don’t have access to. Additionally, event planning companies
are very familiar with local vendors and venues and can help you eliminate or
call attention to hidden fees. Event planners will have a realistic idea of what
can be done with a space on your desired budget. By hiring an expert we
think you’ll find the planning process – and your event – much more enjoyable!
A bonus event planning tip – be sure to schedule a walk through with all the
key players in the event to ensure a flawless and positive memorable event.