Care Specialist Agreement




Care Specialist
Referral and Placement Agreement

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This service agreement is between ________________________(individual seeking employment placement services – from here on referred as to “ Care Specialist” – and Global Family & Home Care located at 4050 W. George, Chicago, IL 60641. 

This agreement specifies the terms and conditions of both Global Family & Home Care and the Care Specialist for the identification, referral and employment screening process of a nanny, newborn care specialist, after school child care, tutor, house manager, personal assistant, professional home-office organizer, housekeeper and/ or any other individual(s) referred directly or indirectly to the families/clients by Global Family & Home Care. The service identified for the client may be either as a live-in / live-out, full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary.  


  1. The Care Specialist agrees to inform Global Family & Home Care before accepting an employment offer. We will confirm hourly rate and negotiated benefit agreement to ensure the best employment arrangement for the Care Specialist.
  2. The Care Specialist agrees to inform Global Family & Home Care if the family/client employs him/her for a period longer than the initial agreement with the family in order to adjust and secure the proper hourly rate and fees from the family/client.  For example – the usual “on-call” is just for 3 days and the hourly rate is at the low end of the hourly range. However, if the family decides to retain the Care Specialist for longer time, Global Family & Home Care would negotiate the most appropriate rates and benefits on behalf of the care specialist.  NOTE – Care Specialists that work more than 5 days for the same family are considered temporary care specialists.
  3. The Care Specialist must keep all family/client information confidential and must not discuss family/client issues with others.
  4. The Care Specialist will not disclose any information about other Care Specialists to any third party without prior written consent from Global Family & Home Care. Email confirmation is allowed as a written consent.
  5. This agreement shall remain in effect for a minimum of one year and it shall thereafter continue in effect until either party notifies the other, in writing, that it desires to terminate the agreement. NOTE – If another care specialist is hired as the result from a referral made by you, based on the screening process done by Global Family & Home Care during the term of the agreement, then, the Care   Specialist who referred the person, and the person who was hired, shall be responsible for the fees and costs of that placement.


  1. Upon fulfillment of the conditions listed herein, subject and limited to the terms of this agreement, Global Family & Home Care provides the following additional referral policy:
  2. If the Care Specialist is dismissed for not fault of her/his own, Global Family & Home Care will make reasonable efforts according to applicable law for 30 days from the date the agency gets notification, to refer the Care Specialist to another family/client. Global Family & Home Care will make reasonable efforts, according to the law, to make a suitable referral.

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