In the business world, your overall image plays a big role and it extends into how well-kept your offices and overall
business space is. Having an untidy office space or dusty building common areas can reflect poorly on the company’s
image as well as having health consequences for employees and staff. Office and building cleaning sometimes is easy to
neglect, especially if the building doesn’t utilize regular cleaning and janitorial services committed to the business wellbeing.
Importance of Keeping Your Office/Building Common Areas Clean
A clean workspace benefits customers, guests and employees in many ways. It’s important to keep in mind that a dirty or
messy space reflects poorly on the company. If a client or prospective customer visits the office and sees it is not wellkept, they may think poorly of the business as a whole. Additionally, research has found that cleanliness, neatness and
order support health; therefore, if employees have to work in an untidy and dirty environment, they might begin to slack in
their work, they can experience more sickness, and productivity can be affected. Did you know that work desks can have
up to 400 times more germs on them than office toilets do? All of these germs can easily spread throughout the office. In
addition to germs, a buildup of dust, lint, or pollen can cause serious health issues in employees.
Utilizing commercial cleaning services will give a good first impression to anyone who is visiting the office as well as help
employees feel comfortable and healthy in a clean environment. It is important to ensure employees have a safe and clean
environment to work in. This will allow them to remain healthy and help with the overall productivity. A well maintained
clean fresh environment will give a good impression to your customers and can inspire more confidence in your business.
Commercial Cleaning Tips
First, encourage employees – and also establish a written policy for your employees – to clean up after themselves. Hang
signs above trashcans and sinks to remind employees to wash their dishes and take care of their trash. Perhaps designate
a specific weekly time for everyone to clean together; make it a fun end of week party, or a Monday dust day!
1. Keep cleaning supplies in the office. Basic cleaning supplies, like mops, brooms, and antibacterial wipes, should be
kept somewhere that will be easily accessible by all employees because this will allow easy clean up if something is
dropped or spilled.
2. Ensure weekly cleaning of phones and headsets. Phones and headsets can carry an immense amount of germs and
bacteria, especially when used communally. By making sure these, and any other communally used items, are
cleaned regularly will help reduce the spread of germs.
3. Utilize a commercial cleaning service. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you will be able to rest assured that
your office is cleaned properly. By having your floors, air vents, and desks deep cleaned will get rid of any bacteria
hiding on the surfaces.
4. Ensure that all picture frames, and other decorations, and plants are cleaned on a monthly basis. Remember that
plants can also carry germs and transmit health issues. Avoid having any plants with thorns in your office because
they can carry dangerous poison.
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