Lindy’s Profile



Name:   Lindenny F. 

Community where I live:   West Logan Square, Chicago


3 -5 years

Education: Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering.  Currently pursuing a Professional Certificate in Business Development.



Personal Statement:

I provide a positive child development learning experiences which offers families and children an easier transition into daycare and beyond. I also provide a loving and nurturing environment in which your little ones will learn and grow to be the best they can be.  I create a daily schedule with time for stories, activities, and naps appropriate to the child’s age, interests, and abilities. I will provide your child with tender loving care, understanding, patience and guidance in a happy family setting.  For infants and toddlers who are too young to communicate with you about their day, I can provide a daily report.  I believe free play and outdoor time is an important part of a child ‘s early years. We will spend a great amount of time exploring our local playgrounds.

I also provide loving care for seniors and individuals who have special needs.  I understand the patience and understanding required by seniors and people with special needs. I provide healthy and safe-conscious care because I am aware that these two groups of individuals have specific dietary needs. I assure you that your loved one is in excellent hands and being treated with respect and dignity.  Among the services I provide: simple errands & shopping, light cooking, medication monitoring, limited recreation outings.  I’m also able to do overnight shifts.

Special Skills:     

  • Great interpersonal skills, energetic, flexible and friendly
  • Focused on achieving results and effective project completion
  • Extensive analytical skills, great initiative, and commitment to my work
  • Effective organizational skills
  • Valuable team worker
  • Successful dealing with stress management and working under pressure
  • Life-long learner

Age:  28


Bilingual (Spanish) and Bicultural Industrial Engineer who is in U.S. for a multi-year academic and professional exchange.

She has child care management, as well as computer systems experience.  

References in the areas of:

Childcare x
Newborn care
Tutoring x
House Management x
Home/Office Organizer x
Lawn care related work

Preferred rate per hour: $15-$25 depending on scope of work and days of the week/end.


Times Days
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
6am 12pm
7am 12pm
8am 12pm  x  x  x  x  x x
9am 12pm  x  x  x  x  x x
12pm 4pm x  x  x  x  x  x x
12pm 5pm x  x  x  x x
12pm 6pm x  x  x  x x
3pm 7pm x x x x
6pm 11pm x x
10pm 6am
Able to do overnight shifts