Paula’s Profile


Paula AlvarezName:   Paula A.

Career Objective:

To utilize my skills and experience to provide high quality services and high performance to any employer.


Personal Statement:

I am an energetic, creative, responsible, punctual and nurturing young woman with experience in corporate law, child care, home management, and home care.

Working with children is very rewarding because I feel that I’m contributing to the next generation. I creatively and effectively practice educational concepts through daily play and games, and also create a daily routine that is well balanced.  If parents are interested, I also provide Spanish bilingual vocabulary.

Home Management and Home Care work has been fun and rewarding for me over the last year. I’m interested in continue to explore all areas in the hospitality area via private homes, as well as through hotels and catering/banquet services.

 Hospitality is the area where I will concentrate my new career efforts as I will be completing a Professional Certificate in this area to complement my Law Degree and experience.

Corporate Law is a passion and would like to practice it again in Chicago through the Hospitali.ty Industry


Community where I live:   West Side Chicago

Experience:      3 years

Education:       Law Professional Degree from Colombia – practice corporate law for few years

Will start a Professional Certificate in Hospitality – Spring 2016

Special Skills:     

  • Great interpersonal skills, flexible and child friendly
  • Understanding of child development and the role of play in the education process
  • Safe and Healthy conscious.  Cooks great healthy meals for the children.
  • Have initiative and commitment to my work.
  • Strong organizational, research, and problem solving skills
  • Able to monitor homework and tutor children for an additional fee
  • Can provide Spanish conversational classes to the children for an additional fee

Additional Work Experiece:

  • Telecommunications
  • Legal Analyst
  • Home building project

Additional Benefits:

  • Bilingual (Spanish / English)
  • Computer and Organizational Skills to build and manage your home calendar
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Experience with data bases

Age:  20’s

References in the areas of:

Childcare X
Newborn care
Tutoring  X
Housekeeping  X
House Management  X
Office / Clerical
Legal Analysis & Research  X
Patient Care

Preferred rate per hour: $20-$30 depending on schedule, type,  and scope of work


Times Days
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
8am 8pm  x  x  x  x  
9am 6pm  X
12pm 6pm  x
All day Other schedules are negotiable