Susana’s Profile

Name:   Susana S.

Career Objective:

To achieve career stability through nursing and pediatric care contracual services.

Personal Statement:

As a professional nurse, I can provide a holistic care for your child or elder family member. I’m energetic, responsible, and understand how nutrition and health affects human activity. I can provide close monitoring for children that need special care and adults who are bed ridden.  You family members are safe in my hands.

Community where I live:   Humboldt Park, Chicago

Experience:      Over 10 years

Education:       RN – Nursing degree

Special Skills:     

  • Great interpersonal skills, flexible and child friendly
  • Understanding of child development and geriatric/elder health needs
  • Safe and Healthy conscious
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Commitment to her work.
  • Responsible and work independently

Additional Work Experiece:

  • Patient Care in a hospital setting

Additional Benefits:

  • Has own transportation
  • Bilingual (Spanish / English)
  • Computer literate

Age:  50’s

References in the areas of:

Newborn care  X
House Management
Office / Clerical
Safety & Security
Patient Care  X

Preferred rate per hour: $25 – $35 (for short-term or part-time work)

Long-Term Care hourly rates:  $20 – $25  (depending on patient needs and hours required)


Times Days
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
6am 12pm
7am 12pm  x  x  x  x  x
8am 12pm  x x  x  x  x
9am 12pm x x x x x
12pm 4pm  x  x x x x x  x
12pm 5pm  x  x x x x x  x
12pm 6pm  x  x x x x
3pm 7pm  x x x x x
6pm 11pm  x
10pm 6am
All day Specify the time 7:00am  to  7:00pm