The following are the services we provide for your household needs.


By hiring a long-term housekeeping professional, you ensure that the same person will clean your home every time. A private housekeeper becomes familiar with your home’s layout and cleaning preferences.  Our housekeeping personnel is experienced, reliable and trustworthy. We place housekeeping workers for positions on a full-time or part-time basis (minimum of 6 hours per week). The hourly fee for a housekeeper is $25.00 – $45.00 depending on the scope of the work. Call us to discuss your needs 312-918-6741.

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Personal Assistants provide administrative support for business, personal, and family-related tasks. Typically, personal assistants work from the employer’s home office, but can also be based in a corporate office. They adapt to the needs of their employer, work well under pressure, and handle difficult situations with tact. Personal assistants have a diverse range of qualifications, as their job descriptions are tailored to the employer’s needs. Our personal assistants have strong communication skills, proper social and business etiquette, and are discreet and trustworthy. Personal Assistants have an Associate or Bachelor’s degree and some professional experience in a fast-paced business environment. They possess strong communication skills, are proficient with computers and the Internet, and have fundamental accounting knowledge. Our candidates are creative, resourceful, and problem solvers with strong time management skills.

Personal assistant duties include:

  • Serving as an office assistant
  • Managing mail and answering inquiry letters
  • Managing calendars
  • Coordinating family agendas
  • Conducting general research
  • Organizing the home or office
  • Running business and personal errands
  • Planning social and / or business events
  • Paying household bills
  • Making family or business reservations
  • Researching vacation destinations
  • Assisting with the coordination of family or business events
  • Traveling with the employer or employer’s family

The hourly fee for a personal assistant is $30.00 – $40.00, depending on the scope of work and specific skills needed to complete the project. Fees can be adjusted to “full project pricing” if it is a long-term project.

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Managers coordinate the smooth operation of your household, anticipating and managing daily family challenges. Hiring a household manager through our agency is a convenient solution for busy families with school-age children. Household Managers are well organized, detailed-oriented, and able to multi-task. They are tech-savvy, resourceful, and have strong management and communication skills.

Following are the Household Manager duties:

  • Answering residence phone
  • Greeting guests
  • Driving children and other family members
  • Running errands for the household
  • Maintaining family calendars
  • Setting doctor’s appointments and making reservations  for concert, theater, and sporting event tickets
  • Researching vacation destinations
  • Purchasing airfare tickets, hotels, car rentals
  • Sorting out mail and answering inquiry letters
  • Managing household budget and paying bills
  • Supervising other household staff
  • Taking family’s vehicle for oil changes, services, and repairs
  • Overseeing lawn care and sprinkler system services
  • Supervising home repairs and maintenance services
  • Planning and executing household social events

The hourly fee for a Household Manager is $40-$50 depending on the scope of work and specific skills needed to complete the project. Fees can be adjusted to “full project pricing” if it is a long-term project.


  • manage home or office rehabilitation project (research, secure and monitor contractors, create and monitor project timelines, troubleshoot with contractors, etc)
  • take care of house or business while you take time for a well deserved vacation or need to travel for business.

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