Home & Office Organizing Agreement

This document will be signed in person; however, you need to read and print prior to our contract meeting.

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Client Name____________________________________

Email: ________________________________________

Phone number: ________________________________


           Needs Assessment

After the initial on-line needs assessment, and the on-site needs assessment, we will decide the scope of the work in terms of:

hours, materials, equipment.


Goal Setting:

Goal #1

Goal #2

Goal #3



We need to determine:

Skilled vs. unskilled assistance

Use of other vendors



*You can save an additional 15% if you sign contract and commit to complete the project within one month


Goal #1
Goal #2
Goal #3




           The budget will include:

r needs assessment plan only

rorganizing time only

rneeds assessment plan and organizing service work

rshopping fees

rproject products

We need to discuss the following points to be considered within your project in order to make it cost-effective for you and time-efficient for the professional organizer

           Hourly rate vs Project rate vs Membership Credit Points

Minimum and maximum project hours

Millage (this fee is included in all work that is over 5 miles from GFHC home base)


  • General hourly rate ranges between $35hr – $80hr depending on the type of work, the size of the project, if it is a house or office/school/warehouse project, and the number of tasks included, among other factors.



Deposit is due prior to the discussion of the needs assessment plan.

Deposit is $80, which is deducted from the entire organizing project (if you decide to use GFHC services), or from the needs assessment plan fee (if you decide that you will do the job yourself)



All work will be completed within the time frame established in the contract.

In the event the project has to be delayed or interrupted due to client’s constraints, we will discuss new time frames, but that should not affect the contract fees or evaluation of FGHC services. Reasons for which the project could be delayed include:

  • Third party / other vendor delayed completion of work that is required in order to advance or complete the organizing project.
  • Client experience financial delays
  • Client changes, in any way, the scope of work


In the event the project has to be delayed or interrupted due to the professional organizer constraints, we will discuss new time frames. Reasons for which the project could be delayed include:

  • Organizer experience serious illness
  • Organizer has an accident that prevents him/her from keeping the timelines. In the event the organizer is delayed more than a week, GGFHC will assign a replacement organizer to complete the task.
  • The organizer provides facts and information about safety concerns related to the job at hand. In this case, the client and all parties involved will have a meeting to discuss the concerns and develop an intervention / action plan in order to resolve the matter and complete the job.


  • You can cancel the organizing project, but the deposit is non-refundable if you cancel with less than 72 hours prior to the selected service day.



Focus on project – the client must commit to the completion of the project by keeping focused and making time to meet and discuss the progress and/or any issues related to the project.


Safety – the client must be conscious of safety matters for the organizer, as well as for the entire area where the project is taking place.  The client further commits to eliminate any barriers and concerns in order to facilitate the completion of the organizing project.


Daily Hours – the organizer will not work over 8 hours per day in any organizing project.  The organizer must be allowed 30 minutes for lunch and two 15 minute break during the daily work assignment.





Client – print & Sign name                                                  Date _______________


GFHC Representative                                                           Date ________________