As Spas – Nails – and Hair Salons -Tattoo Salons -are getting ready to re-open their doors, there are many concerns about close contact and germ sharing via the tools used to perform the services and by the unfeasibility of social separation. These establishments already follow numerous regulations for many reasons; among them, is that staff needs to concern themselves, on a regular basis, with hygiene and sterilization issues because they handle directly with skin that carries lost of germs and can get easily infected.

Hair Salons / Spas / Barber Shops and other personal service providers in this category, already take safety measures by sanitizing their tools between each client to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and disease from one client to the next. Needless to say, sanitizing and organizing their tools and equipment on a regular basis will help to prevent the spread of illnesses like athlete’s foot, pinworms, lice, and more serious diseases like hepatitis, and COVID-19.

Given the Coronavirus health risks, now salons also need to be more conscious about protective gear during close interactions, think more about disposable tools, additional disinfecting procedures during customers procedures, and how to avoid sharing materials among customers, among others. 

Maria, from Global Family & Home Care, shares thoughts from some salon owners and some of her own. While thinking about re-opening your doors, you need to think about the liabilities of safety and State regulations; therefore, establishing an ongoing sanitation service and developing a more personalized customer care should be at the forefront of your re-opening plan.  Here are few ideas that are being implemented by some of your counterparts:  While you layout a comprehensive re-opening plan of action, keep in touch with your customers via social media providing heir, nails, and skin tips while also encouraging customers to buy Gift Certificates – Sell Personalized Skin / Hair / Nails Kits – Sell moisturizer and hand sanitizer kits. 


Even if regulations are not enforced, for everyone’s protection, salon staff should wear more protective gear because they work in very close interaction with the customers.  Salons should think about extending multiple safety measures for a long while until we are sure that we are completely out of the COVID-19 risk. As a way to keep the area disinfected, salons should consider requiring customers to wear mask before they come inside, taking the temperature of all clients as soon as they come inside, requiring that all customers disinfect their shoes and leave them at a secure place at the entrance of the establishment, asking customers to continue to wear a face mask during service, disinfecting hands before and after each service, disinfecting masks in between services, using a hard surface virus cleaning solution on all surfaces before and after each service, having strong hand sanitizer at each station, using a disinfectant spray to kill bacteria and viruses in the air environment several times per day, disinfecting in an eco-friendly and safe manner the body area that will be treated, and disinfecting feet prior to a pedicure.

In general, keeping your business professionally sanitized consistently, and implementing the aforementioned safety measures will ensure your staff and your customers’ health. Your business will not only look more appealing to customers, but will build trust with your clients as a salon that pays attention to details, cleanliness, health and safety.

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As you develop your re-opening plan of action, keep also in mind the other State legal guidelines, under the Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005, in order to comply with the requirement to have a Health & Safety Statement, and keep all health and safety good practices.

We can also assist with your salon organizing, inventory management and safety procedures plan.

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Areas that require attention based on the State regulations:

  • Lighting – Salons must provide proper working light and sufficient to enable therapists to work and move about safely, therefore it is important to keep them clear of dust because light fittings should not create any hazard.
  • Cleanliness and waste material – Every salon, the furniture, the fittings, and the equipment should be kept spotless, as well as the surfaces of floors, walls and ceilings. Cleaning and removal of waste should be carried out as necessary by an effective method. Waste should be stored in suitable receptacles.
  • Workstations and seating – Workstations should be suitable for the worker, support their backs if they are seating to perform service, and should be clear of germs.
  • Maintenance – The salon, machinery and equipment should be maintained in efficient working order. Part of the maintenance is cleanliness; therefore, it should be done on a regular basis.  Keeping all electrical boxes, extensions and outlets clean is important because electricity is the main cause of accidental fire. Most are caused by neglect and misuse of wiring and electrical appliances.
  • Floors and access routes- The surfaces should not have holes or be uneven or slippery, and should be kept free of obstructions and from any article/substance which may cause a person to slip, trip or fall. A handrail should be provided on at least one side of every staircase. Make sure exit signs are always visible, clean, and that everyone knows where the nearest exit from their work location is.
  • Windows – Windows and skylights should be designed so that they may be cleaned safely. Skylights and ventilators should be capable of being opened, closed or adjusted safely and, when open should not pose any undue risk to anyone.

Sanitary conveniences and washing facilities – Brushes and combs must be stored in disinfectant. Razors and scissors must be disinfected frequently. Fresh towels must be used for every client, as well. Sinks, floor mats and the floor itself must be sanitized daily. The laundry machines and the rooms containing them should be kept clean and be adequately ventilated and lit. Washing facilities should have running hot and cold water, soap and clean towels.

  • Drinking water – An adequate supply of high-quality drinking water should be provided. The containers and surrounding areas
  • Fire safety measures -You must have a fire evacuation plan and it should be practiced regularly in the form of fire drills. Fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets are essential. Make sure evacuation areas and essential aids are cleaned at all times.
  • Chemical Storage: Many products used in beauty salons are flammable or otherwise potentially dangerous, so they must be kept in a separate storage space that is cool and dry; any spillage must be immediately handled. All supplies must be kept capped or closed between uses.
  • Other Measures: A beauty salon must have a readily available first aid kit and will be asked to show where it is when inspected. Employees may have a private washroom, but there must be one available to all clients. Restrooms must be clean and functional, with hot and cold running water.

Ventilation – You need to ensure that all windows or other openings may provide sufficient ventilation and be regularly cleaned and maintained.

  • Temperatures Should be kept 13’C and 16’C- 55F and 61F.


As cumbersome as all these measurements sound, I’m sure you have a deep understanding of how important it is the health and safety of your staff and customers…because we are ALL in this together.


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