Child Care Specialist Training – Beyond the Basics

 childcare-multiple children


Caring for a child is a big responsibility. From the moment a caregiver take charge, the responsibility of the child’s safety, health and general well being rests with the child care provider.

The International Nanny Association provides guidelines for in-home child care providers to help prepare caregivers and parents for the responsibility that comes along with being a primary caregiver.

The training includes training in basic child care at various developmental stages, child behavior and discipline, communication and proper inter-relationships with children and their family, and safety.

This training also includes the First Aid/CPR/AED Certification.

During the training, your learning is supported through additional activities and video clips.

The guidelines and resources provided by the INA helps you to prepare for the Nanny Credential Exam to become an INA Credentialed Nanny.


This training will cover:

Characteristics of Nannies & Recommended Practices

 Nanny Care Models 

Salary – Benefits – and Other Logistics 


The Overall Learning Environment and Children Development

Developmental Stages Review



Supportive Learning Environments for Each Developmental Stage

Learning Through Play & Games

Guidance & Discipline


Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Sometimes we overlook the obvious

Safety for Infants and Toddlers

Safety for Preschoolers and School Age Children

Caregiving Routines

Toilet Training

Sleeping Routines 


CPR / First Aid / AED Training – trainer is a Certified CPR professional.