Homestay Guidelines

Your Home Away from Home 

Welcome to your new house while you are in Chicago.  My son and I hope you have a great time with us. I know that living away from your own home will be a bit difficult; therefore, I want to provide clear guidelines and expectations so we all can feel comfortable living together.  My goal is that all the students in the house feel part of a big family.



  • You are welcome to watch TV and use the entire first floor, but please keep your noise level down in consideration of the other students in the house.
  • Please turn off all the lights and always keep all doors closed.  We don’t like bugs inside the house.
  • ALWAYS double-check that the front and back doors are fully closed and always use the two door locks.
  • You are expected to keep your living space clean and organized at all times. NO FOOD is allowed in the bed area because we don’t like bugs in the house.  Don’t leave open food around the house; especially in the basement. 
  • Please use the living room, the back porch, or other common areas when you need to communicate with your relatives and friends once your roommates are sleeping, studying or resting having quiet time.


  • Toiletries are personal items; therefore you need to purchase your own.  This includes soap, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, Q-Tips, creams, makeup remover, nail polish remover, and toilet paper.  However, feel free to ask me for toilet paper, or other toiletry items, while you replenish yours.


I keep a balanced diet and make sure that we eat healthy food, but I can’t meet the individual dietary preferences of all students.

  • Lunch is not included in the housing agreement.
  • The housing agreement is for continental breakfast.  *** and for dinner, which can be cooked by host, or by yourself with the food items provided by the host. Some days the host will leave food packed in refrigerator for you to heat in microwave.
  • Stove can not be used once the host has done the nightly clean and inspection. This is done to maintain safety guidelines.
  • You need to make arrangements for most of your favorite snacks.

As courtesy to my students, I usually have some snacks, fruits and breads; however, you need to consider the overall family size and understand that groceries are only purchased once a week.

       ***A continental breakfast traditionally includes bread products, fruit juice and hot beverages. It also      includes other types of food such as cereal, fruit and eggs.


  • I provide breakfast and dinner only; you need to take care of your lunch food and snacks.
  • You are welcome to buy your favorite snacks and place them in the refrigerator downstairs, and/or label it and store it in the 1st floor refrigerator.


  • Open one of the windows if you are smoking in the back porch smoking area.
  • Follow the “home entry guidelines.” during the winter to make sure we don’t bring snow, slush and dirt into the house.



  • You can use the laundry area once per week, but you must buy your own detergent.
  • Wait to wash until you have a full load. Very small loads waste too much water.  Ask one of your roommates if they want to share a load.


  • Please make sure you wash your sheets and towels, as well as clean your area before you leave.  I will set up the bed for the new student once you are done.


Please keep in touch.  We want to develop a life-long relationship with all of our students. My son and I hope you leave our home with good memories about your trip to Chicago and your stay with our family.