Housing Terms/Conditions

I know that living out of your own home will be difficult; therefore, I want to provide
clear guidelines and expectations so we all can feel comfortable and happy living together.
My goal is to make sure that all students in our house feel part of a big international family.



  • Residence in a homestay- half board or single depending on your choice.  Fees quoted are exclusively for the students who hold independent contracts with me.  Kaplan, EF and various other school students pay through their schools at the fees stipulated by their school contracts.
  • Breakfast  & Dinner  (Monday-Sunday)
  • Internet/Wi-Fi in homestay
  • Comfortable bed (includes linen, duvet, blanket and a pillow
  • Night table, lamp
  • Work desk with chair and desk lamp in a common area
  • Closet  and/or dresser and mirror
  • Access to TV, DVD and Stereo System in a common area
  • Full use of the kitchen
  • Shared bathrooms- We share 3.5 bathrooms in the house. 
  • We are extremely respectful about our shared spaces and organized about our household routines. 



  • Transfers to and from the airport to accommodation (available for a supplemental fee)
  • Transportation to and from your school – I will provide orientation to obtain your transportation card and instructions to get to your school
  • Optional activities and excursions
  • Lunch is not included 


Your safety is very important to me because I will be your only immediate contact in case of emergency, therefore it is important for me to have a way to communicate with your family or significant other in case of an emergency.

If you are not 18 years old yet, it is imperative for me to speak with your parents/guardians before I agree to your homestay in my house.  Further, it is important that your parents make every effort to communicate with me once a month to make sure we keep a monitoring system for your safety.

Please submit complete data about your parents including full name, address, email, cell phone number and a work number (if applicable)


Please refer to the House Guidelines in our website page under the International Student Hosting Tab.


Students agree to abide by student conduct rules and other house guidelines while they live in my home.  Inappropriate conduct includes illegal activity or behavior that disrupts the house environment and overall values of those who live in the house.

Damage to items in the house will need to be fixed and/or replaced.

Students in breach of this code of conduct will be asked to seek alternative living arrangements.


During vacations, students are responsible to pay their room/board, even if they leave on vacation.

In the event of a public holiday, some of the schools will be closed during the week.  Students can decide to stay in-house and order delivered food or they can purchase their preferred food items for lunch and cook in our home kitchen. 


From time to time I will arrange to participate as a group in community and/or other multi-ethnic events.

It is up to the students to take advantage of these opportunities.  I will inform students of the fees and guidelines for any of these events.  I will arrange for group fee discounts; however, once the student confirm his/her commitment to an event, the fee will not be refunded.


In the event you decide to transfer to another residence, you need to provide two weeks notice.  If you fail to provide the required notice, your week deposit will be retained.


Payment schedule varies based on your school or independent contract.

My homestay fees are cost-effective; $200 per week for a shared room; $280 per week or $950 a month for a single room . Remember that the fee includes breakfast and dinner.

Five days before your arrival, remember to submit your first monthly payment, and one week deposit, via www.chase.com/qp or Paypal. Contact me if you have questions or need me to walk you through the quick pay process. 


All cancellations must be made in writing two weeks prior to any changes. 


By accepting my home terms and conditions, the participant accepts that I freely use all photography, film and sound material that have been created during the participan stay in my home, without asking for further approval from the participant.


Once you read the Terms and Conditions, House Guidelines and decide that you want to homestay with us, complete and submit the Homestay Application

Please remember to specify if you want to secure airport pick up service so I can make the necessary arrangements.  Please include the $25.00 airport pick up fee, if applicable, when you make your first payment. Please call me to confirm your arrival once you land at the airport, and make sure to email or text me if you encounter any flight delays.

Call or email me if you have any questions. You can contact me via mconcepcion@globalintervisions.com or by calling one of the following numbers, 1-312-918-6741 or 1-773-803-9415.