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Payment Terms

  • Care Specialists Services must be paid following the fees stated in the Family/Client Service Agreement
  • Homestay Services (room & board) are paid twice per month by the referral school and/or once per month at the beginning of the homestay by the individual student.
  • Consulting services are paid in two installments based on previous written agreement with the contractor



At Global Family & Home Care we stand behind our placements with a generous 3-months guarantee on all long-term, full-time placements. Part-Time and Temporary household staffing placements are covered with 1-month guarantee. This guarantee is effective upon the first day of placement.

Our clients are eligible for one replacement search. In the unlikely event that the first hired employee fails to stay in the position, we will complete another full search at no cost to you.

During the first 30 days of employment – if the client wishes to change the Care Specialist for no valid reason – the client may choose between a replacement search, or a refund, which would be 25% of the service fee. The client will need to cover the cost of the background check.

Guarantee is only valid if the client provides a written statement, via email, explaining a valid reason for the domestic worker’s termination within 3 days of the employee’s departure from her/his position.

Guarantee is not valid if the domestic worker was forced to resign due to the following changes initiated by the client: 1) the client moved to a new location, 2) the client decreased domestic worker’s salary; 3) the client drastically decreased/increased employee’s work hours; 4) the client completely changed the previously set work schedule, 5) the client requested a different type of care after the initial placement (i.e. a live-in position instead of a come-and-go position). In all of the above cases, a new full search must be conducted, and a new one-time Placement Fee applies.

If the client cancels the service any time after the placement has been finalized, they are subject to a Service Cancellation Fee, equal to 50% of the applicable placement.

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Refund Policy

  • Refunds, Service Replacements and Credits are stipulated in the Family/Client Service Agreement.